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About us

We promise to give you back the smile of your dreams. We aspire a less invasive, no pain clinical approach to all our patients issues. Our practice is digitally equipped to meet the needs of the new era of digital dentistry.


Dr. Mamalis Anastasios

Periodontist - Implant Surgeon


Oral Surgery

  1. Extraction of teeth, wisdom teeth and cysts removal

  2. Bone regeneration

  3. Apicocectomy

  4. Gum Plastic Surgery


Laser Gum Treatments

Save your natural teeth with the unique dynamics of Laser. Treatment of gingivitis is now a completely bloodless and painless procedure.


Computer Guided Dental Implants

Have you lost your natural teeth? Digital technology is here to give you the solution. We plan the treatment plan together from the very first appointment. Digital implant placement is completely painless, bloodless and non-traumatic without incisions and sutures.

Laser teeth whitening

Get the sparkling smile  you’ve always dreamed of in just 45 minutes. Natural white teeth without blemishes and painless dyes, with absolute safety and lasting effect.


Zirconia Aesthetics

Zirconium is the new trend in cosmetic dentistry and not unjustly so. It is friendly to the human body as it does not contain metal, it is distinguished for its durability and high aesthetics. Zirconium additives excel in quality and image both in the restoration of natural teeth and implants.

Intraoral Scanner

Forget the painful procedures of imprinting your teeth once and for all. The intraoral scanner can capture the entire mouth in just 2 minutes, without discs and discomfortable impression materials.  The procedure is completely painless, immediate and provides absolute accuracy.

We create beautiful smiles

Computer Guided Dental Implants
Immediate loading ONE DAY IMPLANT
Digital Impression
Zirconia Aesthetics

High End Equipment

Digital Dentistry

Our practice is fully equipped to meet the needs of the new era in Digital Dentistry.
3D CBCT100%

Certificates & Standards

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