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Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Periodontics

Laser gum treatment

Laser periodontal surgery is the safest and most effective procedure to shrink periodontal pockets and improve the appearance of gums. Laser gum treatment in our practice is almost painless since laser gum surgery is practically non-invasive.

Laser treatment is a tissue-preserving, regenerative, and bone-building procedure. In periodontal laser therapy, the periodontist uses a dental laser to access and remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. Because laser gum treatment is non invasive, it causes little trauma to the gum, tooth, and surrounding areas. This practically means that healing time is drastically reduced compared to traditional surgery.

With conventional mechanical instruments, complete access and disinfection may not be achieved during the treatment of periodontal pockets. Laser therapy offers better clinical results with shorter treatment times while reducing discomfort and the need for more invasive therapies. Laser gum therapy not only removes completely all bacteria but also stimulates stem cells in the tissues to form new connective tissues, bone, and collagen.

There are many benefits of using a laser for treating periodontal disease and these include:

  • Using a laser helps kill the bacteria in infected tissue without harming healthy tissue. For patients with severe bacterial infections, preserving healthy parts will help ensure better outcomes in the long run.
  • The laser is able to remove infected material from deep in the periodontal pockets, helping to sterilize these areas.
  • Treatment is extremely gentle as it cuts away the diseased tissue, and any small blood vessels are immediately sealed or cauterized through a process called thermal coagulation.
  • Laser surgery is far more precise than using a scalpel, preserving the maximum amount of healthy gum tissue.
  • This minimally invasive treatment makes it much easier for the gums to heal and reduces the risk of infection during the healing process.
  • There is far less swelling as laser therapy doesn’t damage the surrounding gum tissue so the entire process is much easier and more comfortable for patients.
  • Laser therapy is fast and appointment times are often shorter; you should be able to return to your regular routine immediately after treatment.

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Dr. Anastasios Mamalis Periodontotist – Dental Surgeon BSS DDS MBA MSC PH

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