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One Day Implant

Computer Guided Dental Implants

One Day Implant and Restoration

Guided Dental Surgery incorporates the latest technologies in dental implants including new and innovative biomaterials, CBCT scans to facilitate a complete implant procedure being completed in a single day (One Day Implant) with the ultimate success.

Immediately after the implant placement the doctor by using a digital device the ISQ Implant Stability Meter, measure the exact initial stability of each implant placed in the jaw. This is a completely non-invasive procedure, that takes place during implant placement surgery and that takes just a few seconds.

The ISQ is truly revolutionary, and allows the doctor to determine the optimal implant loading time with total confidence. The system is far superior to a tactile assessment, and provides more accurate measurements of implant stability, which helps ensure successful implant procedures.

Based on the ISQ measurements the doctor can then decide if immediate loading of the new implants (Same Day Implant) is recommended according the international guidelines.

This procedure is called immediate implant placement. If ISQ measurements are low a delayed implant restoration is the proper way to successful dental implants that can last a lifetime. Delayed implant placement takes place two to four months after the initial implant placement. Usually, the reason for delayed implant placement is either severe infection or lack of bone that has to be rebuilt. In any case, you do not have to worry as you will not need to walk around without a tooth. An artificial but functional prosthetic will be used for the meantime.

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Dr. Anastasios Mamalis Periodontotist – Dental Surgeon BSS DDS MBA MSC PH

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Digital Dentistry

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