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Digital Dentistry

Detail about our services

Non Traumatic Digital Dental Works

Our dental clinic is fully equipped with all the latest digital imaging, surgical and aesthetic systems to ensure the best diagnosis and immediate relief to your dental issues.

In our practice we perform a variety of dental operations to restore your smile and your quality of life. Our main focus is both on the aesthetics as on the functional part in our final outcomes. We aspire a non invasive, non traumatic digital dental approach.

Οδοντιατρικό Αξονικός Τομογράφος

3D Scans

With the high resolution images provided by 3D scans, we are now able to accurately diagnose immediately or screen for procedures such as:

Accurate placement of computer guided dental implants
Extraction planning
Diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
Evaluation of the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals, and nasal cavity
Planning of root canals


Digital Panoramic & Intra Oral Xrays

  • Up to 90% less exposure to radiation.
  • No Developing Time Immediate Result
  • More detailed image resolution
Ψηφιακή Πανοραμική

Digital Impression

Intra oral scanner dental impressions are faster, certainly more comfortable and far more accurate than traditional painful and uncomfortable impressions. Digital impressions are also a vital step of the preparation for computer guided dental implant surgery.

Ενδοστοματικός Σαρωτής

Implant Stability Meter

The Implant Stability Meter determines the optimal implant loading time of your new implants and guarantees the ultimate success.